Investor - Instructions for filling in:
Registration of a new Applicant for Residence Permit for Investment
After logging in the Portal ARI in the following must be completed:
1. E-mail – Optional if you have a legal representative
2. Type of investment
3. Identification
4. Passport
5. Address and phone number, preferably in national territory
6. Legal representative (e-mail) – Optional if you have identified an e-mail in 1
Submission of the application to the Residence Permit for Investment Regime
1. Login at Portal ARI in
2. Complete the application and submit
3. Upload the documents needed for the application according to the type of investment
4. Submit the application with all documents needed (documents should be in PDF format with a maximum of 4MB)
5. Confirm submission of the application
6. Proceed to “Payment”
7. Filling in NIF (tax registration number)
8. Printing the Single Collecting Document (DUC) with the analysis fee
9. Proceed to payment of DUC in time
10. Await e-mail from AIMA with the following information:

The application has been accepted and you can proceed to scheduling

Errors have been detected and you must proceed to its correction and submit again the application

Scheduling with AIMA (upon AIMA validation of the documents submitted with the application)
1. Login at Portal ARI in
2. In the Application page proceed to “Calendar”
3. Select the bureau service (the availability is guaranteed in several AIMA bureau offices in national territory)
4. Select Year/Month
5. Select Day
6. Select Time (if the vacancy is no longer available, another schedule must be selected)
7. Reception of an e-mail with all the scheduling data for visiting AIMA bureau service for delivery of the documents needed and gathering of the biometric data